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Who is Petas-Design?

My name is Peter Krüger. I am a certified media designer for digital media and print, based in Norway. As a free-lance grafic designer I run an individual enterprise in a small village, Storjord, which lies on the beautiful Tysfjord. I was born in Berlin and have been living in Norway since 2007. I have been working on graphic design projects both in Germany and Norway.

I base my work on clear design as well as direct and comprehensible implementation of visual messages. I use simple yet elaborate means to achieve comprehensible results. I create clear, target group oriented, high quality design with a sense for details – exciting and appealing.

As 1 of the 10 top graduates in 2004/2005 in Berlin / Brandenburg county I received a stipend from the IHK Berlin for my final certification project. As a result of excellent performance, I was able to shorten the period of my studies by 6 months.